Dragonsfly Edits tries to maintain an affordable flat-rate fee, based on the work required. A detailed price list is below.

Service Charge Unit
Content Editing $10 Per 1000 words
Copy Editing $7 Per 1000 words
Line Editing $7 Per 1000 words
Proofreading $20 Per hour
Research $15 Per hour

Beta reading and reviews are not charged, at any time.

We will not ask you for payment prior to starting the work but do expect payment within 7 days upon delivery of the invoice. The invoice will be sent with the completed work.

A contract, detailing the work remains property of the author and denouncing all claims made by Dragonsfly Edits to the ownership of the work, will be provided upon acceptance of the work and a signed and countersigned copy will be provided prior to the author sending the work.

If you are uncertain about these rates, or fear you will be unable to pay the detailed amount, please let us know and we will work with you to find a different arrangement.

Because we think it is of the utmost import an author and editor are comfortable with each other, and that they work on a basis of trust, we offer our first edits for any author free of charge. Please contact us for more details by sending an e-mail to dragonsfly.edits@gmail.com or send us a private message on Facebook.